Wondering how to create a whiteboard animation video? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re presenting you with a simple guide on how to create a whiteboard animation video with perfection. Keep reading on and create a stellar whiteboard animation video with ease.

Whiteboard Animation Video Purpose

Before we head into how to create a whiteboard animation video, let’s discuss what the purpose of whiteboard animation is and when you should consider making one.

First of all, a whiteboard animation video is basically an explainer video. Generally, a whiteboard animation video aims to help a business sell a product/service or describe it. Other than this, a whiteboard animation video enables businesses to convey complex ideas in simple ways. Also, a whiteboard animation video is a great way for communicating complex topics internally and externally.

Why Choose Whiteboard Animation?

As the world has moved online, it’s crucial for businesses to connect with users online. So, what’s an effective strategy a business can use and gain recognition within seconds? The answer is simple, animation! Using whiteboard animation can boost attention and retention for your target audience with ease. So, why choose this style over others?

Well, whiteboard animation is a great way to tell a story in a creative and interesting way. Whiteboard animation consists of the author drawing images while also narrating the story to the audience. This combination of images in an artistic way and good voiceover instantly grabs attention and convey the message effectively.

Whiteboard Animation Video: Guide on how to create one

Now that we’ve covered what the purpose of whiteboard animation is and when you should consider making one, let’s get right into how to create a whiteboard animation video.

1. Come up With A Killer Script

The script is the backbone of your whiteboard animation video. It’s crucial for you to summarize the story you want to tell in a creative and interesting way. You must include hooking one-liners within the video especially at the start to grab attention instantly. A good script includes;

  • Good One-liner
  • Core Message
  • Summary of main points
  • Call to action

It’s important to create a script and make sure to make it simple and clear. If the script includes any jargon or complex terms the audience may not be able to grasp it. Therefore, the audience might not find value in the video content.

2. Storyboard

The purpose of a storyboard is that it helps give you an idea of how to organize and structure the script you’ve created scene by scene. With the help of a storyboard, you can understand how your whiteboard animation will look before it’s even completed. Therefore, it gives you time to make appropriate corrections and changes to ensure the story is impactful and engaging.

3. Whiteboard Style

What type of whiteboard-style do you want? What type of whiteboard-style will work best for your story? Well, even though the most commonly used style is the whiteboard theme itself, there isn’t any harm in exploring other styles. So, what are the other styles? We’ve mentioned them below;

  • Glassboard style
  • Notebook style
  • Stichboard Style
  • Blackboard style

All these styles have their own specialty and ability to draw attention and retain it. However, in order to decide which theme to go for, you’ll have to study your audience and learn what attracts them.

4. Animation

This is the toughest part of the whiteboard animation process. Here you’ll have to use whiteboard animation software tools or an online animation video maker. The animation process is a bit complex and it will require you to use online tools that can explain how to create animation for your whiteboard animation video step by step.

Alternatively, you can hire an animation agency at this stage and let them take over the project and make one with perfection for you. Animation Agency is a professional agency that specializes in creating attractive, engaging, and brilliant whiteboard animation videos from scratch so if you have an idea, that’s all the agency needs to create an awesome whiteboard animation video for you.

5. Color

Once you’ve completed the animation process by yourself, it’s time to add color to your animation elements. This step of the whiteboard animation process is fairly simple as you have to explore a bunch of colors and decide which one works best.

6. Voiceover

A good whiteboard animation is one that consists of elements that are appealing to the eye and a voiceover that holds attention. In order to come up with a great voiceover, you need to use the right tools to ensure the quality is great.

When recording the voiceover, you have to make sure to make pauses at the right time and the words should be pronounced with clarity and confidence.


As you can see we’ve mentioned what the process of creating a whiteboard animation video looks like. So, if you’re ready to invest your time in creating a whiteboard animation that benefits your business in numerous ways, use this how to create a whiteboard animation video blog as a guide to do it.

If you need affordable and professional animation services, contact Animation Agency. Visit our website, or call us at 800-314-4049 and we’ll be happy to partner with you and work on your dream animation project!



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